Capturing people, adventures and different environments has always been my hearts desire and to be able to express my creative soul has always been easier to do through the camera. For a few years now my dream has been to not be bound by a permanent workplace at a decided location, but rather to be completely self-sufficient. Heck, I want to be my own boss! I want to live wherever I feel like living and work with what my heart tells me to. In January 2018 I decided to stop giving myself excuses for not pursuing my dream and start searching for it. So I bought a camera and all the other equipment I needed and started taking portraits of friends and acquaintances. The funny thing is that if someone would have asked me at the time what kind of photographer I wanted to be I would have never answered wedding photographer. It was nothing I had in mind at all. But in June the same year I had an idea - Why not try and shoot a wedding and see if it might be my cup of tea? Well, I instantly fell in love with it and now I cannot imagine not doing it.


The beginning

Deeper in my


Traveling is something really close to my heart. I have always been drawn to foreign cultures, the people, the food and all the colors.

Many times it is not somebody’s words that tell a story, but rather their body language, facial expressions and the lines in their face that get to do so. That is why I like to document and tell people's stories through photographs.

One of my many dreams is to become a destination photographer and be able to work with photography all over the world.


My sanctuary place is by the ocean, where I can breathe and recharge. There is something healing about taking a walk along the shoreline or paddling out with the surfboard and catching a wave that brings you back to the shore.


Last but certainly not least is the fact that I LOVE chips more than I should. I try to restrain myself when I am around people and only reach for one at a time. But when I’m at home I pretty much drown myself in them with no cares given.



“Why Elahava?” you might ask.

I struggled with deciding what brand name to use. My own name was too hard and difficult to remember. I wanted something short, easy to remember and meaningful.

Then one Tuesday evening at midnight with help from a friend the name unfolded itself, Elahava.

The name consists of two words in Hebrew.

El, which means God. The creator of love and the God who loves every single one of us.

Ahava means love, not just love as a feeling but love as an act to someone, to give.

Ahava exists in a marriage, in sharing life with someone, in a family and with friends or when meeting new people.

I want my photography to represent the beautiful love that dwells between future husband and wife, between families or between a couple madly in love.

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